Basic PDU

Exagate Basic PDU offers advanced and reliable power distribution for critical IT equipment inside cabinets in Data Centres. Basic rack PDUs have been developed for power supply and continuity of your equipment with its thin profile, alternatively changeable horizontal and vertical models and its aluminium profile. In addition to three-phase and single-phase options, it provides safe and reliable power with C13, C19, and UK (Type-G) socket options.

The POWERGuard Basic PDU enables power distribution for your Data Centre Cabinets. Our Basic PDUs with customer-oriented design can operate stably up to 60 degrees ambient temperature, and on-site measurements can be made with an optional integrated LCD screen with “Hot Swap” feature.

Model Inlet Metering Outlet Metering Braker Metering Branch Circuit Protection Outlet Switching IP
Basic PDU
Metered PDU
Outlet Metered PDU
Metered & Switched PDU
Outlet Metered & Switched PDU

• Vertical 0U, 56x56 (D x W) or horizontal 1U option
• Thin profile feature
• Temperature independent circuit breakers

• IEC C13 safety adapter for IEC 60309 C14 cable connection
• IEC C13 panel socket connection safety with IEC C14 cord plug
• With the integrated ammeter indicator, the current going to the devices can be measured

Custom production C13-C19 and UK socket combinations
Special production possibility with different sockets and types

Locked C13 Sockets
Stable operation on PDU with external locking equipment

Circuit Breakers (Hydraulic Magnetic)
Circuit breaker function that is sensitive and not affected by temperature changes thanks to hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers.

Color Graphic TFT LCD Display
Ability to see all kinds of parameters and messages with high resolution screen

Color Options
Ability to see all kinds of parameters and messages with high resolution screen

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