Battery Monitoring

Battery monitoring systems are smart monitoring equipment designed for batteries and battery groups used in UPS, Data Centers, Telecom Base Stations, and Solar Energy Storage units. Thanks to its built-in web server and mobile compatible web interface, it enables monitoring the battery and battery groups to which they are connected and reporting their status. Exagate BMS sensors equipped with;

• Battery voltage monitoring
• String Voltage
• Battery current monitoring
• String current
• Battery internal resistance monitoring
• Automatic battery balancing function

• String charge and discharge status
• Monitoring the charge and discharge status of the battery
• Automatic battery balancing function
• Monitoring battery failure status
• Support for up to 120 battery monitoring sensors

Exagate Battery Management System Gateway provides you with access to multiple strings of battery to monitor and manage your battery groups easily.

• Embedded Web-server and Database
• Access to 4 strings and up to 480 sensors
• Battery and battery string alarm
• Retrospective data and alarm recording

• Automatic battery balancing function
• SMS alarm
• 2 Ethernet ports, Modbus TCP and SNMP communication
• Ambient temperature and humidity measurement support

You can easily monitor and manage your battery and battery strings with Exagate BMS. It smartly operates by its Auto-balancing feature to reduce the costly downtime due to unexpected battery failures. Traditional estimates, with the proper management system, can make battery life reach the level of design expectations.

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