Branch Circuit Meter

With the advancing technology and the increasing importance of industrial automation, energy monitoring in production facilities and related data centres has become much more critical. In such facilities, it is necessary to use monitoring systems to monitor the energy load situation, thus taking measures against overloading, reporting the consumed energy, and providing savings.

Exagate Branch Circuit Monitoring enables its manager, to monitor the total load and current capacity per cabin or line in real-time in data centres, technical buildings, factories, and remote locations. This information aids capacity planning and leads to higher operational efficiency and energy savings.

Exagate BCM systems, thanks to its flexible architecture, can be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure and provide ease of installation in new facilities.

Comprehensive Capacity Planning
Helps you to measure energy consumption and plan the capacity of your devices that do not have measurement capability in the technical areas where your IT devices are located.

Lower Costs
With the ability to monitor 42 lines with a single main unit, a large number of devices can be monitored.

Energy Data
It collects real-time data on A, V, kW, kVA and power factor. It can be used for more accurate capacity planning.

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