Data Centre Consulting

Data Centre Design and Implementation

We provide end-to-end data centre design in accordance with international standards and customer needs through our experienced and certified designers. For all your data centre design needs such as construction, architecture, electrical, mechanical, security, free space designs and calculations, we listen to you first and offer the most suitable designs for your requests.

Uptime Tier Certification Consulting

The design and facility certification processes that must be carried out with Uptime Institute are carried out on behalf of the companies by our ATD certified and experienced team. The management of test times applied during uptime tests is not a process that other companies can carry out using their own resources. Mikrolink can provide support to companies in this regard.

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Data Centre Design and Application

Electrical / Mechanical Infrastructure Applications

Our operations on data centre infrastructure design begin with a preliminary research, preparation of justification, business plan and preliminary cost sheet. This is followed by finalizing the nominal system design, choosing the most suitable products, deleting the single-line and columnar system diagrams, the workshop drawing of the projects, and finally the delivery of the final product approval file.

Project Management

Leading companies in the industry need support from different companies to comply with work schedules, relevant specifications and drawings, to create mandatory reports and, when necessary, to manage their projects. At this point, we are also capable of providing the project management support that our customers need.

Preventive Maintenance

Visual and electrical inspections of the system can be prepared according to the requirements of our customers and the results can be presented in a report. In this way, pre-control and corrective actions can be carried out without any damage to the systems.

Test Management Process

Mikrolink has the ability to plan and manage all test processes between L1 and L5 of newly established data centres. Especially L3, L4 and L5 (IST-Integrated System Test) tests require special expertise and experience. Thanks to our superiority, experience and documentation infrastructure, we receive very good feedback while meeting the needs of our customers. In addition, the scope of the services we offer also includes leasing of load banks.

Mikrolink Data Centre Provides Sustainable Value to the Sector with its Trainings

Every two years, the amount of digital data in the world doubles, and this rate will continue to rise rapidly. While the security, storage, and proper use of this data, which is quickly rising with each passing second, is critical for the future world, the demand for data centres continues to rise. Technology firms choose data centres, the number of which is expanding on a daily basis.

Data centres are the most sensitive element in industrial structures. Data centres are the most sensitive element in industrial structures. The physical infrastructure, function, capacity, and operational efficiency of the data centres where our data is stored are crucial in today's networked society. Mikrolink offers "Data Centre" training to help improve data centres and make them more efficient, while also developing solutions for the industry.

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Data Centre Investment Consultancy

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