Energy Monitoring

As data centres grow and expand, the requirement for improved energy efficiency increases. However, conventional methods of power monitoring fail because they do not provide information about the actual consumption of the power unit and whether the cooling resources are being used efficiently.

Many data centres feed panels directly to the IT equipment. While effective for energy distribution, this approach is limited in that it does not provide information about the device or the amount of energy it takes.

To optimise the power consumption of your data center, it is important to be able to monitor not only the power supply but the entire data centre environment as well. Exagate energy monitoring products not only allow you to monitor your energy, but with their added environmental sensor option, allow you to manage environmental conditions according to specific equipment needs. Combining this data with efficient power monitoring allows data centres to be fine-tuned to operate at optimal levels to maximise power usage efficiency (PUE).


Branch Circuit Metering

Inline Meter

POWERGuard Energy Monitoring products family enables power distribution and monitoring for your data centre. Additionally, our solutions help you manage your energy use more efficiently through data collection, enabling you to identify and follow trends over time, efficiency, and interval sampling for analysis and creating reports.

POWERGuard intelligent power distribution units (PDU) are efficient to query rack units and see exactly how much power they consume. They provide real-time remote monitoring and billing of power output (amperes), voltage, power (kVA, kW), and power consumption (kWh) with a measurement accuracy of +/- 1% even on maximum individual socket levels.

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