You can distribute energy with advanced technology POWERGuard IP PDU units, which have a user-friendly interface for monitoring and managing the energy consumption of your Data Centre Cabinets and can be equipped with environmental monitoring sensors. You can professionally monitor your entire energy infrastructure with the advanced central management software that can be chosen optionally.

Model Inlet Metering Outlet Metering Braker Metering Branch Circuit Protection Outlet Switching IP
Basic PDU
Metered PDU
Outlet Metered PDU
Metered & Switched PDU
Outlet Metered & Switched PDU

POWERGuard IP PDU products allow power distribution for your Data Centre Cabinets, monitoring of total PDU and socket-based energy parameters, and remote socket-based power supply on and off. Our customer-oriented, high-tech smart PDU products can make reliable measurements with +/- 1% measurement accuracy, stable measurement values up to 60 degrees Celsius. The environment monitoring sensor hub connection option, control module with high-resolution large LCD display with “Hot Swap” feature, and circuit breaker that can operate independently from temperature changes all fully meet the market needs.

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