Hiperconverged Infrastructure sayFUSE HCI

  • + Ultra High-Density Compute Hypervisor
  • + Software Defined Storage
  • + Software Defined Networking
  • + Symmetrical / Asymmetrical HCI Nodes
  • + High-Availability & Disaster Recovery
  • + High Security Company Cloud & Multi-Tenancy
  • + Enterprise Backup Target (Disk-to-Disk, VTL, Dedup)
By conducting business impact and risk analysis, we keep and protect and operate our corporate practices, sensitive data, service provision and access capabilities in our institutions' own data centres due to corporate strategies, current legislation (Presidential 2019/12 circular etc.) and commercial reasons.

For this reason, we have to operate, manage, automate and support data storage, server, security, network, virtualization, backup, energy, cooling, business continuity and disaster solutions, if any, in an integrated and compatible manner.

Establishing and operating data centres that comply with current and common standards (TIER 2-3) and are economical to maintain are initially very costly investments. When business continuity, the need for rapid publicization of new applications, full redundancy, fault tolerance and the need for continuous change are added to this, costs increase very rapidly.

Since 2000, as can be seen in the usage examples by many sectors and different disciplines, multi-layered structures called classical architecture have become very difficult and costly solutions to learn, specialize, transfer, or continue with complex, incompatible software and hardware parts and many different management tools.

sayFUSE (Fast Universal Storage Engine) is a new generation scalable (virtual machines VM), containers (container and physical hosts), enterprise-grade (enterprise-grade) backup and restore platform, server, storage, backup and archive tasks. It is an integrated, hyper-integrated solution that combines in one device.

In other words, it is a turnkey integrated solution that eliminates system and device confusion and ensures data and uninterrupted operation security.

sayFUSE Hyperconverged Infrastructure Concept is a new generation fully automated data management concept that offers 12 times superior performance, 6 times more dense storage, 60% lower energy consumption and high data security compared to traditional solutions. It is a solution that allows the entire data and system to be backed up and transferred to a different secure environment.

Thanks to its unrivalled backup speed and security achieved with its patented new technology, it protects your data and critical infrastructure. In the event of an attack or failure, you can disable your existing system that it has backed up and re-engage your new system with all your data in a different and secure environment within a few minutes. sayFUSE Hyperintegrated Infrastructure Concept theoretically ensures 100% uninterrupted operation. Your entire infrastructure is set up on at least three separate (Node) devices. These devices can also be located in different geographical regions. In the event of an attack or malfunction, the malfunctioning or attacked device is left out of the system and uninterrupted work continues on existing devices.
sayFUSE Turnkey Integrated Benefits
  • + Same-day Out of the box Private Cloud
  • + Data Protection By-design
  • + Sustained Top-Performance & Optimization
  • + Same-day Same Site High-Availability
  • + Same-day Multi Site Disaster Recovery
  • + Integrated Active-Active Load Balancing
  • + Same-day investment protection and cost reduction
  • + Theoretical unlimited capacity, licensing and scale out model
  • + Flexible integration options, compliant components, easy firmware updates