Managed Services

Mikrolink has become one of the major solution partners of mobile operators by providing 24/7 support services along with its qualified staff since 2011.

Mikrolink is selected as a partner by major operators in Europe and Asia to carry out 24/7 preventive & corrective maintenance of their Fixed & Mobile Networks.

Mikrolink’s commitment is to provide standardised quality service & products to its customers.


Mikrolink has been helping its customers prepare for the 5G era. It has successfully built one of the first commercial 5G networks in the Middle East. And now, it is transferring its know-how on a global scale, starting from Europe to the rest of the World.

Mikrolink supports operators with its deep expertise, ets teams to build, integrate, optimise wireless cellular networks and always offering innovative and peace-of-mind solutions.

IBS / Small Cell

In-Building Solutions (IBS) provide indoor coverage using a series of hubs/equipment to distribute the signal to several antennas. Mikrolink has been providing IBS solutions for places such as shopping malls, high tower buildings, tunnels, metro stations on a turnkey basis since its establishment. Mikrolink has implemented over 1000 IBS projects globally and is honoured to be considered the strongest and most reliable IBS solution partner by its strategic customers.

Active Systems and DAS Solutions
Mikrolink has a history of designing, developing, and managing both indoor and outdoor DAS networks to improve signal strength, coverage and network capacity. Mikrolink’s team helps customers specify their needs and provide the best indoor / outdoor coverage and capacity.

+ Turnkey Inbuilding Services & Small Cell Services
+ Inhouse design – iBwave certified Engineers
+ Active & Passive Design Frequency refarming / Integration / Implementation Teams


TETRA is a modern standard for Digital Private Mobile Radio (PMR) and Public Access Mobile Radio. It offers many advantages, including flexibility, security, ease of use and fast call set-up times. It targets a variety of mobile radio communications users, including the police, ambulance and fire brigade services. It is equally applicable for utilities, public access, fleet management, transport services, and many other users.

Mikrolink has completed metro (underground) lines that consist of several stations, depot areas, Master Sites, and Optical Repeaters for Stations along with Redundant Topology.

TETRA DAS Coverage
When the aim is to provide communication at critical times, it is all about providing effective voice and data at emergency sites, protecting lives and assets, and assuring public safety.
+ Police
+ Fire
+ Ambulance
+ Special usage

DPO (Design, Planning, Optimisation)

Mikrolink’s Design, Planning and Optimisation Services focus on improving both the economic and technical efficiencies of wireless networks. By leveraging our extensive global wireless experiences of analysing every type of Network possible: Mikrolink offers expertise, known tools and custom reporting.

Networks need to operate with full efficiency and minimal amount of maintenance to maximise the return on Opex. To achieve this goal, Mikrolink reviews customer requirements to define measurable objectives in terms of quality, capacity and cost, and sharing risks and rewards. DPO Services include:

+ Network Design
+ Drive Test
+ Benchmark
+ Network Audits
+ Performance Audits
+ Frequency refarming


Mikrolink is partnering with global WDM vendors and customers while carrying out its services on a global scale. Mikrolink has completed projects in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Its experts are obtaining up-to-date training and certifications in order to leverage their expertise.


Mikrolink has been providing services as a Full Turnkey FTTX Solution Partner for major operators and vendors since 2011.

Fibre Optic Solutions;
+ Carry out 24/7 preventive & corrective maintenance and operations
+ Self-built and OPGW fibre lines
+ Field survey and installation
+ Fibre optic production, inspection and infrastructure
+ Fibre optic activation
+ F/O 24/7 service and failure solutions
+ FTTX switch mounting, operation and maintenance works
+ POP points installation, testing and commissioning procedures
+ WDM installation, commissioning & test procedures

Civil Work

Mikrolink has been in the telecom related civil works field since 2000.

+ Tower foundation
+ Tower construction

+ Access road construction
+ High voltage and low voltage connections
+ FTTX excavation


Mikrolink inspects FLM and subcontractor companies in terms of customer’s technical requirements and assures these companies meet customer’s quality standards and project requirements.

Mikrolink provides Health and Safety (H&S) inspections via its expert team to assure that work on all sites are performed based on operators’ H&S regulations and standards to maximise the health and safety of the employees. Mikrolink offers professional, ethical and reliable H&S Services.


Mikrolink is a one-stop-shop for all information technology systems. It provides a fully integrated solution from the design phase to project completion.

Specialising in the design and installation of all information technology systems, we pride ourselves on offering a fully integrated solution including structured cabling, audio-visual, security, access control, fire alarm systems and more.

A structural cabling system is defined as a complete system of cabling and associated hardware, which all together provide a comprehensive telecommunications infrastructure to communicate data and information via telephone services or computer networks.

Mikrolink specialises in the design and installation of structured cabling systems to provide a connected telecommunications infrastructure for a variety of commercial facilities.

+ Voice/Data Cabling
+ Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
+ Fiber Optic Cabling
+ Wi-Fi
+ All IP Technology Systems
An Audiovisual (AV) System is a system of various electronic media containing both a sound and a visual component, often including sound, video, lighting, display, and projection systems.

Mikrolink specializes in the design and installation of integrated audio-visual systems in various commercial settings.
+ TV monitor installation
+ Projectors Systems
+ Sound Masking
+ Sound Systems
+ Paging
An integrated security system is a multi-layered system that uses various components to protect a facility and its inhabitants from unauthorised intrusion and potential threats.

Mikrolink specializes in the design and installation of integrated security systems.
+ Video Surveillance; CCTV/IP Video Systems
+ Access Control Systems
+ Intrusion Systems
+ Rescue Assistance
+ Emergency Campus Phones
A fire alarm system has a number of devices communicating necessary data in order to detect and notify people through audio and visual appliances when smoke, fire, or other emergencies are present in a facility. Mikrolink also offers flexible scopes of work from full “turn-key” solutions to simple “Parts & Smarts” packages. We not only provide all fire alarm equipment for the job but also provide complete AutoCad Drawings signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer.
+ Detection, Communication, and Integration
+ Parts & Smarts
+ Pull & Trim Service
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